Artist Bio

Capturing the Architecture of Nature

San Antonio based photographer Aubra Franklin has spent the past decade traveling the world in pursuit of magical moments, a spectacular sensation he calls soul light. His majestic images of landscapes are not only the result of perfect timing, exotic locales, and expert compositions, but reveal the photographer’s keen sense of space and depth.

[expand title=”Read More”] As a professionally trained architect, Aubra sees beyond flora and fauna in a beautiful landscape. Thirty years of experience designing and building have informed his distinct perspective on natural phenomena and epic destinations.

As a student he became engrossed in architectural photography and over the years gradually expanded his repertoire beyond illustrious monuments and celebrated buildings to include images of magnificent seascapes and idyllic woodlands. Much like an architect meticulously visualizes his design long before pencil is put to paper, Aubra visualizes how a particular sight and feeling will appear on a print, to capture billowing clouds and towering canyons. Through his lens a grove of flowering trees becomes a collection of grandiose columns and cornices.

Aubra’s diverse portfolio ranges from photographs of remote Croatian waterfalls to the soaring Maroon Bells Mountains. His travels have allowed him to capture the serendipity of a perfect sunrise in Utah’s Canyonlands, and the serenity of ships at sea near the Galapagos Islands. Each trip provides viewers with the opportunity to witness Aubra’s vision of landscapes as natural architecture and to experience the mysterious wonders of nature. [/expand]

Artist Statement

My passion for photography began as an architecture student, capturing images of iconic structures. I found myself at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water in the morning stillness, drawn to its lines surrounded by a fresh blanket of newly fallen snow. And, while at Hearst Castle, I sought to photograph the mansion’s white limestone facade against an intense polarized cobalt blue sky.

These were my first of many encounters with soul light, a phenomena I have spent the past 30 years capturing. Although these moments of perfect illumination can be difficult to pinpoint, it has allowed me to communicate nature’s beauty through the universal language of the sensorial. [expand title=”Read more”]

Photography for me is about capturing a mood, a feeling. It’s not about showing the viewer something they can already see, but instead about sharing my perspective of the layers, both light and shadow, visible within nature. I look for the magical moment when the architecture of the landscape is in perfect harmony with the light being cast upon it. I find that within this intersection lay the magical moments that move our spirit to connect us with the soul of a place, and to discover the inherent spirit or energy that resides within us all. My goal is to create images that are not only visible, but are meant to be experienced. I am intent on capturing ephemeral moments for all to enjoy. With each image, my primary goal is to reveal the soul light of nature’s majesty. [/expand]

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