As a budding architecture student, he embarked on an odyssey crisscrossing the expanse of the United States, encapsulating the very essence of iconic architectural marvels through his discerning lens. It was within the immersive tapestry of this journey that his fervor for photography melded seamlessly with his deep affection for the constructed and natural world. His photographic perspective, honed through the lens of an architect, emphasized aesthetics and the multidimensional nature of his subjects.

Whether immersed in the perpetual glow of Greenland's midnight sun or braving the unrelenting winter weather in Iceland, his wellspring of inspiration emanates from the sculpting power of light. Having framed landscapes on five of the Earth's seven continents, Aubra's mission extends beyond mere visual documentation. He aspires to craft images that transcend the mere portrayal of scenes and locales, intending to evoke a mood and sentiment that grants viewers a uniquely personal experience.

Aubra's body of work has been hailed as "imbued with wonder and curiosity." His photographs find a home in various private collections and have secured a lasting place in the prestigious permanent collection of the Bexar County Heritage Museum in San Antonio, Texas. Notably, Aubra stands among a select cadre of professional photographers featured in the esteemed Phase One Bespoke Photography showcase.

Aubra has received awards from many prestigious organizations including The Prix De La Photographie in Paris the International Photography Awards the Spiders Awards and the Color Awards.

aubra L. franklin