Aubra Franklin | Artist Bio

Capturing the Architecture of Nature

Aubra Franklin is a San Antonio-based architect and photographer. As an undergraduate, he photographed iconic buildings and diverse cities throughout the United States. His approach to photography was forged through the eyes of an architect with an emphasis on aesthetics and three-dimensionality. Whether shooting in the midnight sun of Greenland or the harsh noon of Israel, his inspiration comes from shaping light. He has photographed landscapes on five of the seven continents. Aubra’s goal is to create images that are more than just a reflection of scene and place but create a mood and feeling that allow viewers to have an experience all their own.

Aubra’s work is “imbued with wonder and curiosity.” His photographs are widely held in private collections as well as the permanent collection of the Bexar County Heritage Museum in San Antonio Texas. Aubra is included in an elite list of professional photographers showcased at Phase One Bespoke Photography.